A wonderful day in Tokyo Disneyland

As a big fan of Disneyland, to go in Tokyo Disneyland is something I had to. Everything is so magic, I use to call it “dreamland”, where any dream is possible.

Arrived at Tokyo Disneyland at 10:00am, the day can start !

tokyo disneyand entranceI went to Disneyland with my girlfriend during a week day, it is the best to avoid the crowd and the 90 minutes of waiting for a coaster. As well, we brought our own popcorn case, it is really not expensive at all to refill it in the park (only 520 yen), you can even buy one from internet if you want !

Time to rush the first coaster !

tokyo disneyland crowds

I used to go a lot to Disney, so I know that the first minutes in the park are important : we need to choose which coaster to ride first and which fastpass to take. Usually the crowd focus the most famous coasters. Our first target was Space Mountain, a famous high speed coaster that you can find in any Disneyland in the World, a really nice and fun coaster

The theme of the park for the begining of the year is the Disney movie “frozen”

Olaf, tokyo disneyland

For the begining of the year 2018 and until march, the theme of the park is “Frozen” (the disney movie, I recomend to watch it if you didnt), when you walk in the park you can be surprised to see some frozen’s characters. Frozen is one of my favorite Disney movie, and one of my favorite character is Olaf, the snowman.

The frozen fantasy parade!

disneyland parade

Even though the dancers are japanese, character’s actors are always western style

Olafin Disneyland paradeAs well, there is some special parades all about Frozen, the first one that we saw was at 11:30am, it’s called the “frozen fantasy parade“.In this parade, the characters of this famous Disney movies dance and sing on wonderful songs. For me it was the first time to hear the Disney songs sang in japanese, really curious.

Delicious popcorn all around the park

I talked about popcorn earlier, you need to know that in Tokyo disneyland there is a lot of different popcorn’s flavor : honey, soy sauce, BBQ, curry, milk chocolate, caramel and salt. Even though some flavors can sound strange like “soy sauce”, everything is absolutely delicious, my favorite is honey popcorn

The Big Thunder Mountain, one of the most famous coaster in Disney !


big thunder mountain Tokyo Disneyland.Even during a week day, some coasters like the Big Thunder Mountain has much waiting time, we had to wait 60 minutes to ride the coaster. It is normal because it is a very famous coaster, but the waiting time isn’t a big deal, in dreamland, even to wait is fun (especially when you have popcorn or something to eat).

Lunch in Disneyland, beef, rice and fried potatoes

japanese dish intokyo disneyland

I dont even know how they do to make a face with the yellow part of eggs

Lunch time : I was really surprised that the Tokyo Disneyland dish keep a “japanese soul”, as you can see on the picture, it’s vegetables and rice, it looks like a japanese dish. In Disneyland Paris, it France, you will usually find only burgers and fried potatoes.

The famous Splash Mountain


 Splash Tokyo Disneyland

An other small surprise : the popularity of the splash mountain in winter. As you can guess with the name (splash), you get wet with this coaster, and in winter we can suppose that many people would avoid it but… Not at all, more than 60 minutes of waiting time to ride the coaster, amazing.

The beautiful cinderella castle

IMAG4687.jpgTokyo Disneyland Castle is one of my favorite, it is really beautiful. Inside there is some jewels shops, it is a bit expensive but really beautiful to see.

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical parade Dreamlights

Disney paradeAt night you can see the electric parade called “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical parade Dreamlights“, it’s a really wonderful parade where you can see that even at night, Disneyland is full of magic.

Frozen forever

disney castle night

A fake snow was falling, amazing right?

Last event of the day : Frozen Forever, Cinderella castle was full illuminated by Frozen’s character. With songs and fireworks, it was really wonderful, one of the best illumination I’ve seen in Disney. Here comes the video of the end of the illumination have a look it’s totally worth :

The day in Tokyo Disneyland was amazing, I want to come back. But first I plan to go DisneySea, the park just next to Disneyland. Thank you for reading.



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