Tokyo Comic Con: A girl geek’s day in paradise

This year was the second annual Tokyo Comicon and it has grown substantially from last year. Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Bros, and Star Wars had a huge presence this year. Stan Lee made an appearance again this year while others such as Mads Mikkelson and Nathan Fillion made their first appearance. While many people like to check out big name companies, I love visiting smaller exhibitors and companies that work behind the scenes on some of my favorite movies. You can find many one of a kind items from these vendors as well as things related to popular movies and TV shows.


Bleeding skull candles

One of the first things to draw my attention were the bleeding skull candles by Sachiko Ishikawa. Ishikawa has been carving for 10 years and started with fruits and soaps but moved on to carving candles because they last longer. She did a live carving of a melon while I was there and you could tell she loves her work. Her Blood skull candles are gruesome, cool, and yet oddly romantic. I wanted to purchase one for a romantic candlelight dinner with Alex but sadly the bleeding skull candles are not brain scented.


Alex gets medieval after his Pulp Fiction purchase

The next aisle over I spotted Digitamin selling some awesome figurines from classic horror movies like The Mummy and more modern classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street. In addition to mainstream movies like Star Wars Digitamin had merchandise for cult classic films like Trick ‘r Treat. I like it when vendors not only sell products related to commercially successful films and TV shows, but also lesser known media that have a strong fan base. Plus, they had Pulp Fiction figurines! As much as I love Quentin Tarantino, Alex is an even bigger fan and this was a major treat for him. I thought it was hilarious because earlier that day we were debating whether or not Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the film had an afro or a jheri curl.


Everybody be cool, it’s only a replica

I love the Alien and Predator series. Last year I was happy to see many replicas of the Predator and Alien Queen at Comic Con. This year however CoolProps took it to another level. In addition to replicas, special effects and makeup artist Akihito Ikeda was there signing autographs, posing for photos, selling his book, and he did a live sculpting session. Maybe next year they’ll give someone a movie monster makeover! I have more than enough hair to pull off Predator dreads, and yet I have the grace to be an Alien Queen.


Prime 1 Studio goes Berserk

Comicon doesn’t only showcase western TV shows and movies. There are plenty of things to keep anime and manga fans satisfied. Although I have yet to watch the 2016 reboot, the 1997 anime Berserk is one of my all-time favorites. These replicas of Guts, Griffith, and Femt from Prime 1 Studio were extremely detailed and beautiful. They made me want to revisit the manga and give the series reboot a try. I also had the show’s ending theme song stuck in my head…. Hai yai forces!


Negan made a special appearance!

One of the best things about conventions are the cosplayers. I am a big fan of The Walking Dead so I was excited to hear that Michael Rooker who played Merle Dixon would be at Comic Con. Unfortunately, an autograph and photo session with him was not within my budget. So, I did the next best thing…a photo session with a Negan cosplayer and his bat “Lucille”! I know Negan is a bad man but he has so much charisma!


We are all Negan….

Although meeting Negan did not end well for me I still enjoyed my time at Tokyo Comic Con. I may even cosplay next year as a zombie!



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By Courtney Cauthen



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