Rokunen Yonkumi: Japanese Elementary School Themed Restaurant

ROKUNEN1Longing for your childhood school days? Or just curious to know what Japanese elementary schools are like? Well grab a seat because class is about to begin at this elementary school themed restaurant!

School Gear

ry2You are now part of year 6 class 4 (rokunen yonkumi). As soon as you step off the elevator you encounter the backpacks and yellow hats of your fellow classmates. The “school” hallway is decorated with world maps, history posters, and world flags.

Home Economics

ry4.png ry5.pngEach classroom has its own theme. Alex and I were in the home economics room. The walls were covered with food packaging explanations, the kind you usually see at your local supermarket or conbini for meat, chocolate, dairy products etc. By the end of the night I was confident I could go shopping the next day with my newfound knowledge of conbini kanji

Science Teacher

ry3.pngAlthough we were in the Home Economics classroom we had the science teacher Hiroki sensei for the night. Why? Because cooking is a science! He gave us an English menu which looked like a school attendance book. It also listed the “school rules”. There is a 500 yen seating charge. Each person must order one drink and two food items. It also explained about school snacks….

School Snacks

ry6.pngGrab a basket and fill it up with as many snacks as you want! The only rule is you have to finish eating whatever you take. They have lots of different snacks, especially umaibo and in many different flavors (salami and pizza for example). Definitely any sixth grader’s dream come true.

Russian Roulette

ry7.png ry8.png ry9.pngAlex and I decided to live dangerously and ordered the Russian Roulette shumai. Who would be the unfortunate soul to choose the wasabi filled shumai on their first try? Alex of course. But it was delicious and therefore a risk worth taking. We also ordered sweet and sour chicken, consommé fried potato, and pork with kimchi stir fry.

Science is delicious

ry10.pngWe each ordered chemistry set drinks. They have an alcohol and non-alcohol version. For the alcohol version the base is milk and the test tubes are filled with mango, lemon, strawberry, and yogurt.

Mad Scientist

ry11.pngAlex ordered the non-alcohol chemistry set which came with a different set of liquids to mix together. He had lots of fun mixing his evil potions together throughout the night. I thought it was great they offered a non-alcohol version of such a fun drink set. Especially since technically 6th graders aren’t old enough to drink yet.

The experiment was a success!

ry12.pngFor dessert I ordered an ice cream parfait with strawberry mix jam that came in a beaker. They also had ice cream in a balloon. Hopefully that’s not as messy as it sounds hehe.

School’s Out

ry13.pngOn the way out I noticed this classroom for larger groups. They even stack the chairs on the desk when the classroom is closed. Judging by the drawings on the wall it must be art class. I guess I’ll find out on my next visit to this adorable restaurant!

Rokunen Yonkumi

Shinjuku Square Building 9th floor

1-16-3 Kabukicho, Shinjuku (other locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka)

By Courtney Tamara

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