Haunted Hotel in Nakagusuku Village Okinawa

I went to a Haunted hotel

There is a really famous haunted hotel at Nakagusuku village located in Okinawa. This hotel has been nicknamed China Town by the locals, but I don’t know why. It’s not really related to China at all.

I have heard some scary stories from this place, when I was a school student. Finally, I went there and explored. I would like to introduce this mysterious place to you.


Entrance of a haunted hotel

I was so excited to enter this building, because I thought maybe I can meet ghost finally. Even if I could not meet them, it is already new adventure for me.


Inside of the haunted hotel!

This building structure was odd. There was a long corridor, we could see restrooms on both sides.  I thought why is there restrooms around such a place? The odd structure gave the ruin a spooky atmosphere. I was scared that that concrete would fall down from ceiling and ghosts would come out.


 The jungle is taking over the building

Trees were overgrown, even on the roof. It looks very different from main land Japan.


It looks like a prison

Ocean and jungle were beautiful from the view at window.


We reached main lobby

It was kind of long distance to reach to lobby from entrance. It was like a maze, it felt like I’m in a RPG game. I did not see any monsters, ghosts or even strangers. I thought the graffiti was really cool.


Going Outside

We went through that dark hall way. There was another part of the building when we went to outside that we didn’t see.


This part of the building you could go to the top of the hotel



We were really high up, and we saw a beautiful view from hotel.


Next Stage : Go Down Stairs

We found down stairs, it was really tiny stairs. I already know the building has wired structure like a maze and this stairs ware so crazy. The space looked like it was for little kids. I could not understand why architect made such a wired design. Downstairs was a graffiti museum and also we saw a dangerous hole trap!


Good Bye Haunted Hotel

We didn’t see any ghost, but had a good experience. It was like a art museum of graffiti. It reminded us of when we were kids.


(No one or thing was harmed or destroyed by us)





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