Enoshima Island

Whether you are a resident of Japan, or simply a tourist, Enoshima Shrine is surely a site you won’t want to miss. Surround yourself with beautiful shrines and scenery.


Enoshima Island



You can get to Enoshima by the Enoden train or the Shonan Monorail.  As you walk to the island, where the shrine is located, be sure to take in the sight of Mt. Fuji, standing proudly beyond the water. When you reach the island, you will find yourself walking down a street lined with quaint little shops and vendors, guiding your way to the shrine.


Cruise or Climb


Getting to the top of the shrine is very easy. You may choose to climb the stairs to the various plateaus, and then to the top of the hill, or you can take the escalators for 360 yen. With such accessibility, Enoshima Shrine is an attraction all can enjoy.


Benzaiten Enshrined


It is said that Benzaiten, one of the seven gods of fortune, and goddess of the sea and music, created the island by raising it from the sea. She is cherished within Enoshima Shrine.


Money Washing



Similar to Zenarai Benzen, another shrine in Kanagawa dedicated to Benzaiten, those who worship at Enoshima Shrine wash their money in the holy water in the hopes of increasing their fortune. It is believed that washing your money here will grant you luck with your finances. Wicker baskets sit on rocks before the statue of a white dragon god. Patrons can wash coins or bills of any currency.


Beautiful Shrines


Many Shinto shrines have braided ropes with jagged white papers dangling from them. In the Shinto religion, Japan’s indigenous religion based on nature worship, this is an important symbol. The rope represents clouds, with the paper a symbol for lightning, together calling forth the image of rain which is so vital to not only human civilization, but all life. Whether you are interested in the Shinto religion and shrines, or Japanese architecture, Enoshima Shrine provides plenty of opportunities to see beautifully crafted buildings.


Praying for Luck in Love


Single or otherwise, many people come to this shrine, located on the second plateau, to pray for prosperity in love. Even the emma, or votive tablets, are sold on pink plaques of wood upon which people can write their wishes for love.


What a View!



Standing on the lookout deck of the highest plateau, or observing from Enoshima’s Sea Candle, you can look out onto the Pacific Ocean and the beaches that lie below. On a sunny day, when the sea is calm, what could be better? Grab an ice cream or a beer, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!


Photo Credit & Article by: Lauren DiSabato

Location Address:

〒251-0036 Kanagawa Prefecture, Fujisawa, Enoshima, 2 Chome−3番8号


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