Artist Spotlight: Young Potter ​Mizuno Tomoro

Mizuno Tomoro

Mr. Tomoro is a young potter, he is referred as an intangible culture asset of Seto city in Aichi prefecture. Although, he has traditional skill of a Nerikomi pottery method, he designs with a fresh modern ideas. (*Nerikomi means kneading)

↑  ↑  ↑
(It looks like a plain white bowl but appears the real pattern in the light.)

It’s amazing! Check his Facebook and Instagram below, if you are interested in his creations.  If you have a chance, please buy at the next exhibition sale at Shibuya Hikarie, 27 – 29 Oct. 2017.


Image found on : Mizuno Tomoro’s Instagram 

Mizuno Tomoro’s Pages




More information

Tomoro’s  father : Mizuno Noriwo(Potter)


Trial Lesson



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