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If you have listened to vaporware; you are well aware that a lot of vaporware artists use Japanese pop music samples in their music. Well, how about an Idol group that is vaporware themed. The group above is called Especia they’re a Anti-Idol group. Traditionally Idol groups are music groups that are composed of young people who are trained from a young age to be a entertainers, also follow strict rules, and have a sticky clean images. In recent years the decline of the Idol music scene; producers have been looking for ways to be more enteraining and intrest more fans to the scene. Also they are less harsh on their entertainers. The less tradional idol groups are called Anti-Idols. In the past Idols had strict rules, if you broke the rules you were out. In one Idol group one of the members smoked a ciggarette, got caught, then she was kicked from the group.

Especia – Aviator / Boogie Aroma

Now, if you don’t know if you know idea what vaporwave is; here is a defintion from wikipedia, with a few things I added as well. Vaporwave first appeared in the early 2010’s. It is a combination of elevator music, smooth jazz, R&B, and lounge music often sampling or manipulating tracks via chopped and screwed techniques and other effects. Incorporates a lot of early Internet imagery, ancient greek/roman art, 80’s and 90’s art, vhs clips, anime clips/art, 1990’s web design, east asian characters, glitch art, and cyberpunk as it aesthetic.

Especia – 「くるかな」MV

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