The Largest Beer Festival in Japan

 Orion Beer is Okinawan Beer

Orion Beer is popular in Okinawa needless to say. Surprisingly there are fans in other countries as well. The Orion Beer company holds an annual festival in the summertime.

Orion Beer Festival(2016)



You must be over 20 years old to join this festival. The Festival is just for adults! Also, there will be awesome food to enjoy. In addition, some local musicians perform at the festival.

 Best of beer festival in Japan

The festival is packed with people from Okinawa, mainland Japan, and people from different countries. If you love beer, you should join us! Please enjoy the summer in Okinawa.

Orion beer fest 2017
Schedule : 16th(sat) – 17th(sun) Sep.
Venue : Okinawa city KOZA sports Park (Sub-ground)
  *Under 20 years access is restricted.


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